What keeps us alive?

We know it’s extremely important to drink plenty of water. Water keeps us alive and healthy. But why is this so?

i9 Blog - What keeps us alive?

Water – the source of life.

Water is perfectly adjusted to conditions on planet Earth: it constantly changes form and has the ability to purify itself. On its way from Nature to us, water is marked with positive as well as negative characteristics. In Nature, this transformation is first asssisted by stones and waterfalls, which spins and changes water’s molecular structure. Adding this energetic potential results in water becoming »alive«.

i9 Blog - What keeps us alive?


One of water’s great misteries is it’s memory, which is shown to have an impact on water’s molecular structure. Dr. David Schweitzer was the first person to take photos of water’s memory, thus prooving it has the characteristics of liquid frequency memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated the various information and frequencies have several effects upon water.

How does water become poluted?

Tap water or water in plastic bottles, bobbles or bags becomes poluted due to its un-natural journey through asbestic pipes and direct contact with plastic. These processes change water’s frequency and structure, making it less effective on it’s mission: to deliver life-promoting substances to our cells. The quality of water directly affects our health, immune system and vitality.

i9 Blog - What keeps us alive?


i9 Informed water bottle – making and keeping the water »alive«

Informed tag, developed and produced by the world famous Poznik research lab, is the heart of i9 water bottle. i9 is a special bottle, because of its ability to change water’s stracture and return it into it’s natural state.

It breaks down molecule clusters and adds energy potential: makes water »alive«. Drinking such water has several positive effects: our cells can receive nutrients easier, we are more hidrated and our biofield increases.

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