Water and contamination

The secret of life lies in proper cell nourishment, and the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. Did you know that drinking water, even when purified, retains information of its contaminants?

Chemical contamination

Water becomes polluted on the path from its source to the consumer because of various pesticides and poisons from nature, which is why it must be chemically treated (using chlorine and the like, to destroy bacteria and other contaminants).

Frequency contamination

Because of its dipolar molecular structure, which serves as the basis of its crystalline organization, water is a liquid recorder of frequencies that arrive from substances with which it comes in contact. These frequencies are stored within its microstructure. Normal water, even when purified, retains electro-magnetic frequencies of contaminants that once polluted it. A simple way to verify this is to examine a droplet of water under a microscope. Such a water droplet will exhibit a deformed external membrane and a damaged internal structure.
Frequency analysis is a method that is already used to determine the condition of our body organs, which can be appropriately synchronized and treated with a frequency therapy. These frequencies have been proven to be best transmitted through water, which is conveniently found in every body organ. It is nothing new to say that water can store information of specific frequencies.

Energy contamination

The research has shown that tap water contains practically no biophotons, which are « tiny bodies of energy » present in every living organism, and in other natural elements. Biophotons are very weak electromagnetic waves of light. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be measured by special tools. Perfect, coherent water clusters allow for this energy to be transferred directly into the body’s cells. The biophotons trigger chemical reactions in cells, at the right time and in the right place. They form the so-called aura, a bioenergy field that encircles all living organisms, including water, and is always present in the form of a physical body.

Why i9?

i9 Blog - Water and contamination

The i9 informed water bottle utilizes the technology of informing (Poznik TP) to restructure water and reinstate its natural properties. It does so by breaking water molecule clusters into smaller units, adding energy potential (producing structured water) and cleansing information retained by contaminants. i9 informed water bottle enables water to change genotoxicity, ensures quality absorption of nutrients through cell membranes, and expedites organism regeneration.